Thursday, 7 March 2019

World Literature Week

In RG we have been reading stories by Julia Donaldson and we focused on the story Room on the Broom for World Literature Week.

We did lots of different activities from writing about our favourite part of the story to making magic potions and her are some picture of what we got up to.....

Magic Potions

Catch the Witch!

Edible Broomsticks

Our favourite part of the story....

Also a big THANK YOU to our mystery readers ....

To end our very busy week we had a Book Parade and what wonderful costumes we all had...

Monday, 4 March 2019

One World Week & International Day

It's been a busy start to the year and we have had many fun and exciting activities. But by far One World Week has been the best of all. We had a blast!!!

In Reception G we have been learning about India!

We looked at the buildings, food and clothing first. We found that India has some similarities to Thailand.

The girls even got to try on some beautiful Indian outfits, thanks to Bani and her family for letting us borrow them.

Aren't they beautiful!!!

Next we learnt how to play a popular game in India called Kancha. You use marbles to try and hit the target ball and if you do, you get to collect all the marbles in the hoop. The winner is the person with the most marbles. 

This game was so much fun we wanted to play again and again and again.

Our first trip around the world on International Day was Brazil.

We learnt about Brazil. We played instruments, made carnival masks and had a carnival party.

Next we visited Greece.

We played a Greek game and got to taste some yummy Feta cheese.

Lastly, we visited Thailand.

We sang the Thai National Anthem, learnt about different places and played some traditional Thai Games.