Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Trip to Vhanadham Park

Yesterday we had a wonderful trip to Vhanadham Park where the children took part in a Scavenger Hunt.
First we split up into 3 groups and then we headed off to find lots of different items, from stones to Lizards!

Here are some pictures of us hunting around the park;

 We needed a little rest half way round...

 Ok that's it!!! We are finished!

After our Scavenger Hunt we took a well earned rest and had some snacks....



As it was a busy morning some of us needed a sleep on the way back to school      😉😉😉

Sports Day!

We had a fantastic sports day with all the children taking part and enjoying the activities.
WELL DONE to Samet for the overall win. Here are a few pictures of the day;