Thursday, 29 November 2018

Field Trip to Nutty Scientists

We left school very excited to be going on our first class trip together!!!

When we got there we had a planets show by Professor Comet, who was very funny. 😂😂😂

Professor Red (Milo) was chosen to visit the first planet. Mercury.

He had to make a mixture for his rocket.

 And when it exploded he ran away from Professor Comet very quickly.

Next Professor I Don't Know (Rino) was chosen to go Venus. 
Having watched Professor Red she was ready for Professor Comets tricks.

Professor I Don't Know also made a mixture for her rocket.

Next Professor Pink (Mida) helped to make a volcanic explosion which you might see on Mars.

Here we had to work in teams to make the biggest snow mountain.

Professor I Don't Know (Rino) was shooting air at her friends so we could see what it is like on Neptune.

Next we went to learn about comets, satellites and electricity.

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